I LOVE the concept of “True North”

Written by Deb Krizmanich


True North” is such a powerful concept in communicating strategy.

Why? … because it enables Inclusion, Decision Making, and Agility.

Everyone on the planet understands where True North is. It transcends culture, ability, and socioeconomics. In an organization, the concept transcends roles, departments and even egos.

In this way True North is inclusive.

True North is True North for everyone.

When we provide our employees and stakeholders with the Map on how to get to True North we go beyond basic inclusion and create a culture of belonging as well.

So what?

When everyone has the same understanding of True North … amazing things happen.

True North in an organization is communicated by way of a Business Outcome Map (more on this in a subsequent post). The strategic vision or plan is mapped to a set of practical Business Drivers and Business Outcomes that define “True North” for EVERYONE.

From the executive circle to the outer edges of the organization, to the enabling partners and solution providers … EVERYONE has the SAME understanding of what True North looks like and how the organization plans to get there.

The map removes ambiguity and provides transparency ensuring EVERYONE has the everyday decision-making tools they need to get the organization to True North.

True North is always True North.

The concept never changes. It always points to the place we are striving to reach. How powerful is that?

What is so beautiful is that the actual place itself can change and the organization can pivot to that change very quickly. How?

We change the Map to the place and let EVERYONE know we have changed the Map. That updated MAP to our new place (or a different route to the same place … akin to “rerouting, rerouting” on your GPS) can begin to shift the organization in days … not months. We need this level of agility to weather our storms and capitalize on new possibilities.

How great would it feel for EVERYONE in the organization to arrive at their “desk” each day knowing True North and have the map to get there at their fingertips???

Amazing things will happen …

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