Outcomes Works Solutions

Power Your Initiatives with Measurable Business Outcomes

Business Outcomes
  • Industry-specific templates to accelerate your Business Outcomes Mapping.
  • Includes common business drivers and key investment areas for each driver.
  • Provides sample business outcomes for each investment area.
Business Outcomes
  • Well-planned, highly structured, and deeply engaging.
  • For leaders, SMEs, stakeholders and customers.
  • Effectively facilitated to minimize time, maximize quality, and ensure alignment with the end result – your Business Outcomes Map.
Certification Program
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  • Understand the essence of business outcomes as the ultimate “why” of technology investments.
  • Learn how the Outcomes Work Business Outcomes Framework and Business Outcomes Maps work together to define and lead to what’s most valuable in any initiative.

Rapid Start.  Compelling Results.  Durable Value.

Our Mission

Create marketplace confidence in solution investments that deliver proven business value.

Our Approach

Inspire, equip and enable organizations, solution providers, and the consultants who serve them to plan, pursue and prove measurable business outcomes as the True North for their investments.


  • Prioritize your business drivers and key investment areas.
  • Define and prioritize the measurable business outcomes you expect to achieve as a result of your technology investments.
  • Identify the solution providers that understand and can support your business outcomes.
  • Align project objectives and governance to ensure you achieve those outcomes.

Solution Providers

  • Define and prioritize which target market business drivers and key investment areas are supported by your solutions.
  • Discover and catalog the measurable business outcomes your solutions have enabled your clients to achieve.
  • Incorporate your business outcomes track record and stories in your marketing materials and sales proposals.
  • Assist your existing clients in aligning their solution investments with you to the continuous attainment of measurable business outcomes.


  • Partner with Outcomes Work experts for added value in your client engagements.
  • Incorporate Outcomes Works resources and tools in your project methodology.
  • Add a powerful new outcomes dimension to your services portfolio.

How the Business Outcomes Framework

guides you to your

Business Outcomes Map