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Find True North in Business Outcomes

Define Outcomes.  Seek Solutions.  Achieve Success.

Solution Providers

Solution investments should be based on the business outcomes an organization needs to achieve its goals.

Business outcomes are the measurable results an organization sees from the strategies they employ and the decisions they make.

But solution investments are too often made (and sold) based on features, functions, technology, and price.

Organizations that focus on business outcomes will seek and invest in solutions that deliver the greatest results.

Solution providers with a track record for supporting business outcomes represent the greatest value to new and existing customers.

Our Services

Unlock the Power of Business Outcomes with Outcomes Work™


Solution Investment

Identify and prioritize your business drivers. Establish your key investment areas for each driver and define the business outcomes each area should produce. Discover and invest in the solutions that enable the capabilities each outcome requires.

solution providers

Solution Alignment

Declare which business drivers your company supports for your target customers. Help your best customers to identify the business outcomes your solutions have enabled them to achieve. Use those drivers and outcomes to connect with your future customers and keep your current ones.


Solution Advising

In addition to everything you already do for your clients, add a new dimension of facilitated focus on their expected business outcomes and evaluation of available solutions in terms of those outcomes.

Our Team

Your Guides for the Outcomes Journey

Deb Krizmanich

Principal & Chief Architect

Dan Miller

Principal & Chief Innovator

Billions of dollars in supported investment decisions, 85 years of experience, and two successful collaboration platforms between us.

One Shared Conclusion.

Outcomes. Matter. Most.

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