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Buying Organizations

From strategy to optimization, Business Outcomes Mapping Workshops align the organization on the Business Outcomes needed to achieve your vision, strategy and goals.

Mapping Business Outcomes Drives the Engagement that Leads to Success

Our workshops, with a blend of highly experienced facilitation and a powerful but fun to use platform, are designed to make Business Outcomes Mapping fast, effective, and deeply impactful.

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Business Outcomes Mapping Workshops for Buying Organizations

Translate vision, strategy and goals into Business Outcomes
Connecting the initiative to the Business Outcomes
Elevating the solution conversation to Business Outcomes
Integrating outcomes into project planning and governance
Extending and expanding return on investment

Workshop: Strategic Business Outcomes Mapping

Mapping organizational vision, strategies and goals to Business Drivers and Investment Areas helps your extended team prioritize critical areas of focus, enhance informed decision-making, and facilitate progress tracking.

The selected Business Drivers and their associated Investment Areas provide a framework for developing a comprehensive suite of the measurable Business Outcomes that are needed to achieve the organization’s vision, strategy and goals.

A Strategic Business Outcomes Map forges alignment to ensure that all partners, departments, and teams share a common view to what success looks like.

Workshop: Solution (Family) Business Outcomes Mapping

When planning new initiatives (or reviewing existing ones), mapping Business Drivers and Investment Areas is key to ensuring the initiative is aligned with the organization’s overarching vision, strategy and goals.

The Initiative Business Outcomes Map provides a clear connection between the initiative’s objectives and the key factors that drive organizational success, ensuring that the initiative contributes effectively to the broader strategic vision.

By understanding which Business Drivers and Business Outcomes are most impacted or need to be leveraged, the organization can allocate resources wisely, set relevant performance metrics, and make informed decisions.

This alignment not only enhances the likelihood of the initiative’s success but maintains alignment across organizational activities, ensuring that every new effort is a strategic step towards the overall goals initially mapped out in the organization’s strategy.

An Initiative Business Outcomes Map connects the initiative’s objectives with the key factors that drive organizational success.

Workshop: Solutions Business Outcomes Mapping

When organizations include required Business Outcomes along with context in their Request for Proposal (RFP), it ensures clarity and alignment around what success must look like for both the Buying Organization and Solution Providers, facilitating a more complete evaluation of proposed solutions.

This focus on results encourages Solution Providers to tailor their solutions to enable specific Business Outcomes, fostering innovative approaches that accelerate and maximize value to both parties. It also helps in risk mitigation ensuring proposals are on-point, efficient and highly effective.

A Solution Business Outcomes Map promotes a collaborative relationship with Solution Providers in achieving shared objectives. This approach not only streamlines the procurement process but enhances the likelihood of project success.

Solution investments should be based on the business outcomes the organization needs to achieve its goals​. A Solution Business Outcomes Map makes this possible.

Workshop: Implementation Business Outcomes Mapping

Aligning the extended team of a buying organization, solution providers, and consultants on Business Drivers, Investment Areas and Business Outcomes is essential to a unified vision of success.

This alignment facilitates effective communication and collaboration, leading to streamlined and focused efforts. It enables optimal resource utilization, as all parties prioritize efforts in line with the shared Business Outcomes, minimizing waste and duplication.

These clear definitions of success and accountability make it easier to measure progress and make necessary adjustments.

Ultimately, this collective focus significantly increases the likelihood of the initiative’s success, ensuring that all efforts are effectively contributing to the desired business outcomes.

An Implementation Business Outcomes Map fosters a common understanding that sharpens decision-making, focusing implementation choices on achieving the desired Business Outcomes

Workshop: Change and Optimization Mapping

The same reasons for developing a Business Outcomes Map above exist for Change and Optimization Maps as well.

Aligning the extended team of the buying organization, solution providers, and consultants on the updated Business Drivers, Investment Areas and Business Outcomes is essential for ensuring an aligned vision and an updated view towards what success must now look like.

The cross-functional team must have the opportunity to assess the changes and internalize the impact to their individual plans as well as to the implementation for the overall initiative.

The speed to change is fastest when stakeholders understand the reasons for the change (the why) and how it impacts the Business Outcomes Map for the initiative.

Alignment Science™ Drives Our Workshops

Our virtual mapping workshops are designed with Alignment Science built in to maximize value while minimizing the time stakeholders need to commit …

After one or two workshops with us facilitating you should then be self-sufficient in creating your own future Business Outcomes Maps.

“This process allowed different departments to come together and be honest and open about what they need to be successful.”

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