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Buying Organizations

Buying Organizations need Solution Partners who can deliver the Business Outcomes they require to achieve their vision, strategy, and goals.

Finding it hard to keep stakeholders confident and excited by your initiative?

If the confidence and excitement levels of your stakeholders swings up and down… they may not be connecting the initiative to the Business Outcomes your stakeholders need to achieve their vision, strategy, and goals.

Here are a few thought-provoking questions you might ask yourself…

#1: When your initiative & solution investment decisions take quite a while…

Ask yourself this question:

“Have you clearly communicated – and do the stakeholders clearly understand – the value of the initiative in delivering the vision, strategy and goals of the organization?”

∞ ∞ ∞

Boards and C-suites that do not see the full business value of a solution investment will prefer to spend money on those areas that more clearly advance their strategic interests (or will send the business case back for rework).

“The Board & C-suite may not yet see the full Business Value of the investment…”

#2: When decision making, prioritization and responding to change is slow, political and unproductive…

Ask yourself this question:

“Have we aligned the many different perspectives into a shared view and commitment to what success for this initiative looks like?”

∞ ∞ ∞

When stakeholders do not have a unified vision of the expected Business Outcomes for an initiative, they have no True North to guide them through planning, selection and implementation.

“No common vision of the expected Business Outcomes”

#3: When an initiative or solution is implemented but is just not delivering the business value your organization requires…

Ask yourself this question:

“Did our selection process and implementation project establish the achievement of measurable Business Outcomes as the foundation for our goal setting and decision-making?”

∞ ∞ ∞

When requirements are expressed as Business Outcomes rather than just capabilities and functions, Solution Providers and initiative stakeholders are invited to unleash a completely different level of creativity, problem solving and innovation.

“Requirements expressed as capabilities and functions but not as Business Outcomes”

Lead with Business Outcomes to Create Confident and Excited Stakeholders

  • Initiative and solution investments tied to Business Outcomes are optimized to deliver maximum return in achieving your vision, strategy and goals.

  • Speed to Business Value happens when everyone (including your solution providers) start their business day aligned on how to get to your True North.

  • The team moves forward more confidently (less second guessing and rework) through planning, design, implementation, change and value quantification.

Mapping your way to “True North” together

Use the powerful language of Business Outcomes to make great things happen.

Resources for your Business Outcomes Journey