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Solution Providers

Solution Providers are most successful when they are viewed in the market as strategic partners and innovative leaders who consistently enable their customers to achieve their vision, strategy and goals.

Are your Customers not as confident and excited by your solutions as you wish they were?

If your customers are not as confident and excited about your solutions as they could be… they probably have not connected your solutions to the Business Outcomes they need to achieve their vision, strategy and goals.

Below are a few fundamentally important questions you should ask yourself…

#1: When your customer is slow to approve investment in your solution…

Ask yourself this question:

“Have we clearly communicated — and does the customer clearly understand — the compelling Business Value of our solution in delivering the customer’s specific vision, strategy and goals?”

∞ ∞ ∞

Customer Boards and C-suites that do not see the full business value of a solution investment will prefer to spend money on those areas that clearly advance their strategic interests (or will send the business case back for rework).

“The Board & C-suite does not see the full Business Value of the solution”

#2: When the criteria for a successful implementation is a moving target…

Ask yourself this question:

“Did the selection process and implementation project establish the achievement of measurable Business Outcomes as the foundation for goal setting and decision-making?”

∞ ∞ ∞

When solutions are selected based on the Business Outcomes they can enable rather than just features, functions and price… the customer is much more likely to achieve the business results it requires, consider the solution provider a strategic partner, and invest in a long-term relationship together.

“The solution was selected based on features, functions and price and not the Business Outcomes”

#3: When the market is not breaking down doors to buy your solutions…

Ask yourself this question:

“Have we effectively differentiated ourselves from the rest of the market based on the Business Value our solutions enable?”

∞ ∞ ∞

When Buying Organizations articulate the Business Value they require, and Solution Providers articulate the Business Value they enable, great things happen.

“Requirements expressed as capabilities and functions but not Business Outcomes”

Lead with Business Outcomes to Create Confident and Excited Customers

  • Being heard above the market noise because you differentiate your solutions based on the Business Value your customers need.

  • Attracting “great fit” customers who are seeking solutions that will enable the specific Business Outcomes they require to enable their vision, strategy and goals.

  • More profitable implementations and optimization of your solutions leading to much longer-term relationships with your installed customers.

Mapping your way to “True North” together

Use the powerful language of Business Outcomes to draw the market to your solutions.

Resources for your Business Outcomes Journey